Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Green Tea Garden and Bamboo Forest

Although I vowed never to go down south and come back home on the same day, I had to say yes to this opportunity since I am trying to get as many Korean experiences in before I leave. I am very lucky to have been invited on this Korean Tour, which we got a good deal fore. We only paid $35,000 won, which included transportation and admission fees.  

We left Seoul at 7:00 am and we where in Damyang, which is close to Busan by 11:00 am. Our first stop was the Green Tea Garden. It was refreshing to be out of the city and surrounded by so much green.

Green Tea Garden 

Group Picture
Our last stop was the Bamboo Forest. The Forest was a lager then I had expected, and we could have spent a few hours there. Unfortunately, we only had less then an hour there if we wanted to eat.

 We heard that the rice cooked in bamboo is really good at the restaurants close to the bamboo forest. We went to the location our tour guide always goes to, and we were not disappointed.

Here is my rice. I was able to take my bamboo cup home as a souvenir. 

They make everything out of bamboo. Even the hotteok 
We were on our way back home by 4:00 pm and once we were on the bus we were informed that we would not be making any stops to avoid traffic. We did make great time and stopped an hour away from Seoul. I was back at Express Bus Terminal by 7:45 pm and was able to go back home the same day. 


  1. I'm curious, how was the rice cooked in bamboo? That sounds really interesting! I've heard of salt that has been aged in bamboo.

  2. It mostly tasted like regular rice but with a hint of bamboo. The rice was very moist and the consistency was a little softer/mushier then regular rice.