Thursday, May 3, 2012


I have so little time left in Korea and I am trying to do the most with my time. I feel like I have been able to do everything I set out to do in Korea. Jeju Island was definitely on my list. Jeju is one of the 7 wonders  in 2011 and it lived to its expectations.

I was only able to go for a weekend trip, but we did so much with the time we had. Unfortunately, it was raining very hard on Saturday but it was perfect temperature on Sunday.

Jeju is famous for their black pig

O'Sulloc Green Tea Museum 
Eongtto Falls: You can only see it when it rains or after it rains

Our Seafood Feast! Another thing on my list was to try the live octopus 

Sunrise Mountain 

Jeju's Olle trail 7

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